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Minshuku “Suginohara”
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Do it all yourself and have fun!!
Charge with energy from the grand nature of Totsukawa Village

Noka Minshuku Totsukawa Nobu-chan

Nobu-chan is a Noka Minshuku (farm house) at the entrance to the large Totsukawa Village which accepts only one group per night. After his parents passed away, the owner, Mr. Tsujimura, continued to return to the village to take care of the old house which is over 100 years old. In the spring of 2018, Mr. Tsujimura opened his Noka Minshuku. Highlights of staying at Nobu-chan are pizza making with a real stone oven, cooking rice in an old hearth, BBQ, konnyaku making, planting shiitake mushroom fungus, and harvesting seasonal vegetables. Enjoy the river’s cool water in summer, rice harvesting in autumn and bathing in the traditional Goemon-buro (bath heated directly from beneath by firewood) out at a looking starry winter sky… The Seasonal beauty of Totsukawa Village awaits you. Recharge your energy from the grand nature of Totsukawa Village and let it fill your heart and body.

里舍 外観

Message from the owner

It’s only about 2 hours by car from the central Nara City area to Totsukawa Village – not too far. You must experience the grandeur of Totsukawa Village once in a lifetime. Now I’m preparing an annex where visitors can stay with their pets.

Nobutoshi Tsujimura

Nobutoshi Tsujimura

Address387-2 Oaza Nutanohara, Totsukawa-mura, Yoshino-gun, Nara
OwnerEntire house
Number of rooms4 Japanese rooms
Capacity1-6 people
Rate 7,500 yen with two meals (only 1 group per night)
Tel0747-36-0128 (090-9059-8875)
Car parkAvailable
Activities agricultureforestry
Pizza making, BBQ, cooking rice on a hearth, Goemon-buro (bath heated directly from beneath by firewood), harvesting vegetables, working in the rice and vegetable fields, planting shiitake mushroom fungus, konnyaku making, rice cake pounding, making a moss ball.
Note 一棟貸し持ち込み可
Bringing Food & Drinks permitted, free Wi-Fi