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Noka Minshuku “Mandokoro”
Noka Minshuku “Yamamoto”
Minshuku “Suginohara”
Minshuku “Suginohara”
Minshuku “Kyuan”
Gojo & Yoshino Region

Home-stay at the farmhouse and start on the sacred pilgrimage

Noka Minshuku “Mandokoro (Tsuji)”

Mandokoro is located at about 350 meters above sea level, just between the Obako and Miura mountain paths, which are part of the Sacred Pilgrimage Routes in Kumano (World Heritage), and it is therefore a perfect accommodation for those who wish to start on the scared pilgrimage. The dignified traditional gate and the main building are designated as tangible cultural properties of Nara Prefecture. Enter the gate and the friendly owner and their dog, Magu, will greet you. Real life in a farmhouse can be experienced such as fire wood chopping (children will use a machine), making fire to heat the bath, farming, etc.

里舍 外観

Message from the owner

You will be surrounded by an abundance of seasonal and natural beauty in our neighborhood such as total silence, mountains, the river, the sound of insects, hiking path, a starry night sky... Mandokoro welcomes you with the owner’s bright smile and her hearty home cooked dishes.

Nariaki Tsuji

Nariaki Tsuji

Address101 Totsukawa-mura Imoze, Yoshino-gun, Nara
OwnerNariaki Tsuji
Number of rooms2 Japanese rooms
Capacity6 people
Rate7,500 yen with 2 meals, 8,000 yen with 2 meals and a lunch box
Car parkAvailable
Activities agricultureforestry
Farming and forestry experience
Konnyaku (firm, jelly-like food made from taro starch), Mehari-zushi (local sushi) making, walking with the dog, chopping fire wood with a machine, making fire to heat the bath, farming experience (depending on the season), etc.
MealsDishes using seasonal local vegetables and rice grown by the owners
Without mealsWithout meals
BreakfastBreakfast DinnerDinner
Bringing Food & Drinks permitted Bringing Food & Drinks permitted
農家民宿「政所」 人物 農家民宿「政所」 薪割り 農家民宿「政所」 料理 農家民宿「政所」 内観