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Kominka Minshuku “Omoya”
Yamato Kogen Region

Fill yourself with fresh air of the countryside and enjoy a peaceful time at the classical old Japanese house on the Ise Honkaido Road

Kominka Minshuku “Omoya”

This classical old Japanese house is over 200 years old and is built in the special architectural structure of Sashi Kamoi. They accept only one group per night so that you can fully enjoy your time there. Baking pizza, making smoked food, chopping firewood, harvesting wild plants... There is so much that peaceful Mitsue Village can offer. The house is located on the old Ise Honkaido Road on which people traveled to visit Ise Jingu Shrine in Mie prefecture, so hiking on the road as well as to Mt. Miune and Mt. Kuroso is recommended.

おもや 外観

Message from the owner

I was born and brought up in Mitsue Village and opened the Noka Minshuku in the hope of sharing the appeal of my home village with people. I hope you will enjoy a variety of experiences in every season.

Fukuo Tokuda

Fukuo Tokuda

Particularly recommended is hiking on the Ise Honkaido Road. There are also live music events as well as markets.

Address2415 Mitsue-mura Sugano, Uda-gun, Nara
OwnerFukuo Tokuda
Number of rooms2 Japanese rooms
(8 tatami mats each)
Capacity8 people (one group only per night)
Rate4,000 yen per person without meals, 4,600 yen per person with breakfast, 6,100 yen per person with breakfast And pizza baking experience
Car parkAvailable
Activities agricultureFarming experience
Pizza baking, chopping firewood, digging bamboo shoots, harvesting tea leaf and wild plants, making charcoal with rice husks, making smoked food, bread baking, BBQ, hiking on the Ise Honkaido Road
MealsBring your own food & ingredients.
Meals are not provided Meals are not provided
Bringing Food & Drinks permitted Bringing Food & Drinks permitted
Check-in: around 15:00,
Check-out: around 10:00
Free WiFi
*Bring your own pajamas and towels.

About 30 min. by car on Route 369 from Kintetsu “Haibara” or “Nabari” Station
*Pick-up service available (max 7 people) from Haibara or Nabari Station
By car: About 50 min. on Route 369 from the Fukusumi I.C. on the Meihan Express Way
*Caution: Roads may be icy during winter months.

古民家民宿 おもや 外観 古民家民宿 おもや 座敷 古民家民宿 おもや 囲炉裏 古民家民宿 おもや ピザ窯 古民家民宿 おもや 畑

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