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Leisurely stay amongst the history of Nara

Noka Minshuku “Nanone”

Nanone is nestled amongst the Matsuyama district of Uda City which still retains its old townscape from the late Edo period. The 120-year-old house used to be a soy sauce merchant’s residence and displays a number of traditional Japanese architectural structures such as thick beams, sliding doors using zelkova wood, staircase chests, an earthen warehouse, and mushiko-mado lattice windows. In winter, a wood stove warms up the rooms and people’s hearts and in summer a refreshing breeze drifts in from the large garden. This area has a very long history and was mentioned in the Nihon Shoki (the oldest chronicles of Japan written in the 8th century) as a land of hunting called Akino. It once flourished as an important transportation hub connecting Nara and Kyoto with Ise (in Mie Prefecture) and a castle was established during the Sengoku Civil War period (16th century) around which a castle town flourished. Since there was a herbal garden in the town, it also developed as a center for medical herbs. Nanoe is a perfect place to stay overnight to discover and explore the various attractions of the Matsuyama district: traditional houses from various periods (important preservation district of historic buildings), historical sites, a herbal garden, sake brewery, Japanese sweet shops, traditional events and more.

奈の音 外観

Message from the owner

For breakfast, we will serve steaming hot rice cooked in an earthen pot and dishes using fresh, local vegetables on a nice small lacquered table. From April, we will start our small diner serving dishes using Japanese herbs.

Keiko Nishimine

Yumiko Mae

Address91 Ouda Nishiyama, Uda City, Nara
OwnerShinji Mae
Number of rooms3 Japanese rooms
Capacity11 people
Rate6,000 yen without meals (tax included),
7,000 yen with breakfast (tax included)
12,000 yen with two meals(tax included)
Car parkAvailable
Activities agricultureforestry
Workshops, lectures and other events
Breakfast Breakfast
Entire house Entire house
Bringing Food & Drinks permitted Bringing Food & Drinks permitted
奈の音 内観 奈の音 朝食 奈の音 内観 奈の音 内観 奈の音 外観

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