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Time travel to the old Japanese life

Tomaryanse – CozyHouse

Tomaryanse is an old Japanese farmhouse with classical Mushiko-mado lattice windows. Located on Mayumi Hill in Asuka Village, it offers a superb scenic view. Staying in the house, which retains many other traditional Japanese architectural features as well as nostalgic furniture and old tools, will let you feel as if you have time travelled to old Japan. No meals are provided but guests can cook in the kitchen. Choosing fresh vegetables at the local farmer’s market and enjoying a BBQ in the garden will also add to your fun.

とまりゃんせ 外観

Message from the owner

Free Wi-Fi and a common room with computer is available. We have many guests from overseas. A great place to start your travel in Nara as our house is conveniently located near the Kintetsu Asuka Station.

Takashi Era

Takashi Era

Address 1526 Asuka-mura Mayumi, Takaichi-gun, Nara
Owner Yoshihide Morimoto
Number of rooms 2 Japanese rooms
Capacity 5 people
Rate 5,500 yen/person for private room without meals,
5,000 yen/person for a group of more than 2 without meals
Dinner:2,000 yen/peason
Breakfast:500 yen/person
Closed Irregularly
Tel 0744-54-2516
Car park Available
Activities agricultureFarming experience
Rice planting & harvesting, vegetable planting & harvesting, etc. (please enquire in advance for details and prices)
Without mealsWithout meals Entire houseEntire house
Bring Food & Drinks OKBringing Food & Drinks permitted
とまりゃんせ 外観1 とまりゃんせ 内観1 とまりゃんせ 内観2 とまりゃんせ 外観2

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